My superhero: Rogue
I my name / Annica
Lovefool Fan
Make-up is fake.
Alter Ego // Rogue
♥ Beth
My Birthday is marked!
I have no Life!
Element: Water
tolerance: acceptance
People are like crayons.
Kirstie Alley Fan
I'm a Remus Lupin fan!
Fan: Atheism
Lovers Embrace
AOL Sucks!
I <3 Pirates
Addicted to CSI New York!
I <3 Sara Sidle
I <3 Galadriel
I <3 Harrison Ford
I Love Orange Cats!
Fetish xxx men, long hair, shopping
Fan: British Men
I <3 Darcy
I <3 the Buffy Theme Song!
I Love the Baby Beamer!
Fan: Crash and Burn
I <3 Scar Tissue
Stamp THIS
Fan: Moaning
Fan: T&D

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