DIE-HARD FAN!!!! You know that story like no ones business!

Your ideal husband is Billy Boyd! I hereby label you a lover of boyish Scots and one of those girls who swoons in front of smiley musicians.

Congratulations! You are a true Tolkien fan! You have probably read the books and watched the movies until the information is coming out of your ears! You know about as much as me, that's scary. Congrats once more!

This self assured Englishman is the guy for you. Sean Bean is a king at shakespeare. How bout a round of Romeo and Juliet?!?

You are Arwen! You love scruffy guys and are a bit rebelious.

You like Faramir. His father hates him, but you sure don't. Man, is he sexy! He's kind of a nerd, so scholarly! But you don't care! You've read some good books to talk about!

You are Gimli. The dwarf with the stout heart and the quick temper. You usually act before you think, but you act from your heart.