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You are the Angel of Hell. You love misery and torment, and though you might not be an all-over bad person, you are at least a bit cruel. You are concieted and selfish, and rarely, if ever, show compassion. You do have a good side, but don't like to show it for fear others will see it as vulnerability.

The goddess of Despair. You always look on the negtive side of things and you almost never put on a happy face. Your feelings consist of only a few emotions: Despair, sadness, and lonliness. You feel that no one cares for you, so you don't care for anyone else for fear of rejection. You just sit in the corner and watch life go by without you, yearning to be like everyone else and always wishing you were more happy. Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe you like being sad all the time. You always feel bad for yourself, making others mad and pushing them away. You just don't know how to act around people who don't have troubles. Your power would be the ability to make time stop.